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We are a Brazilian jiu jitsu and submission wrestling academy located in Örebro, Sweden. One of the founders is the two times IBJJF Black Belt World Champion Venla Luukkonen, together with her coach, black belt Hanna Hirvonen, and black belt Erik and purple belt Kalle Evertsson.

Our ambition is to create a safe, fun and stimulating training environment that encourages our members to develop and challenge themselves in an effective manner. Our trainers are experienced practitioners and competitors who aim to keep themselves updated in the constantly evolving grappling scene to be able to serve our members the latest and the most effective techniques and strategies.

Beginner’s course

We offer an introduction course of two days that provides you with the basic knowledge of grappling arts in theory and practice. You have to be 14 years of age or older to participate the course. After this you can participate the basic classes (baspass).

Kids & youth group

We welcome children and youth between ages 8 and 13 to our kids & youth group (barn & ungdom). This group trains twice a week. Besides the knowledge in grappling arts we aim to develop the participants self-confidence, strength, balance and coordination in a playful manner. Our term started 9th of January but you can hop in to this group any time during the term.

Advanced group

For the ones already training or having trained Brazilian jiu jitsu or submission wrestling we have our advanced classes. We offer both submission wrestling and Brazilian jiu jitsu. The classes have varying intensity and overlapping theme to help our practitioners include the technical, physical and strategical side of the sport to their weekly training. For you interested in training with us we offer one free training session in our advanced group. Please contact us via e-mail or via our social medias to book your spot.


We are part of Hilti BJJ but we warmly welcome visitors regardless team or experience level. If you are interested in visiting us please contact us via e-mail or via our social medias.

Locate us here

Our adress is Hagagatan 53, 70346 Örebro.